Social Influence: Attract a Massive Following & Drive Organic Sales Using Social Media

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Social Influence: Attract a Massive Following & Drive Organic Sales Using Social Media

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What if you could get in front of thousands of prospects, strangers, and famous influencers with a single tweet or post?  What would that do for you and your business?

StartUp Mindset is currently sitting at about 230,000 followers over all of our social media platforms.  

In today's world, there is a permanent advantage to having influence in your field and online. Those individuals and businesses with influence get the customers, drive more sales  and get the invitations to exclusive opportunities and partnerships.  Take our word for it.

We're excited to announce our new book, Social Influence: Attracting a Massive Audience & Driving Organic Sales Using Social MediaIn this book we will show you the keys to gaining influence and not just growing your following (even though we will show you how to do that too).  

We can tell you from first hand experience that having a large, loyal following is important for business.    We want to show you how to have influence so that when you want your following to take action, they take action.

In this book, you will learn about:

The story of how we used Twitter to gain massive influence for free

Attracting a large loyal following

Advanced Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram growth techniques

How to drive quality leads and sales from your social media accounts

Becoming an influential over all platforms 

How to use your influence to open doors that you couldn't previously get into

Getting noticed by influential people

and much, MUCH more

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